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March Technology Spotlight - 2023


Elementary and middle schools throughout the Sevier School district have been learning about computer science and getting hands-on opportunities to work with various types of robotic kits. Through funding received by the Computer Science Grant through the state, we have been able to provide training for teachers and purchase robotics kits. Last school year and in the summer, teachers from each of our elementary schools and a few from our middle schools had a chance to attend a computer science training that took them on a deeper dive into integrating computer science in the classrooms. Teachers were provided with time to collaborate and share ideas on what they are doing in their classrooms, especially with how they are using the robotic kits that were purchased.

Jadie Stevenett at Monroe Elementary said this, “I have loved watching my students use their coding skills, developed from code.org to program the Dash robot. They were fascinated by inputting code and watching the robots come to life. It has been a good peer/group activity and they are developing teamwork and social skills as well.”

Hannah Henderson at Salina Elementary had this to say, “We love robots. The robots bring total engagement to each of my students. Whenever we do an assignment with robots they get so excited and they are so engaged the entire time.”

Marilyn Stewart at Ashman Elementary said, "My favorite part of using robots in kindergarten is student engagement! Every student is curious and interested in technology because it is their world. Robots and coding have impacted student learning with creative, positive, and educational involvement."

We are trying to bring fun and engaging learning activities to all students in Sevier School District. Coding and robotics has helped our students to expand their learning in new and creative ways.